🗣LEAGUE TOUCH is here in Grafton 👏

League Touch is an Alternate format of Touch Football with the Rules more aligned to Rugby League than to traditional Touch Footy. The reintroduction of a marker, dummy half, and a kick. 🏉

  • Mixed Gender Teams (at least one female on the field at all times)
  • Inclusive – Slower than Touch Football
  • Old School Rules (Markers and Kick)
  • 7 a-side on the field
  • Age 13+ (born 2008 or earlier)
  • 10-week competition
  • $70 per player

REGISTER your team NOW, as the competition begins Wednesday 21st April @ Jabour Park, South Grafton from 5:45 pm

💻 registrations open NOW

Register a TEAM, click here, and search for “Grafton”

Register as a PLAYERclick here, and “search for your team name”

NRL League Touch Rules of play